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Warehouse Vibe

A TRUE Story

  • Inspired by the sounds of a warehouse

  • Creative exploration

“Make sure you get a shot of the bubble wrap machine!”

Those were my instructions for another video project but as I worked around the warehouse, I kept hearing cool sounds while I was recording the video. I also noticed that everyone seemed very enthusiastic at work. When I got back to the studio, I thought it might be fun to play around with the sounds and footage. I put together a short video clip that showed the energy around the warehouse and my client (and friend) loved it. Eventually, the short clip became an actual video project that helped celebrate the people that work at the warehouse. 

It was refreshing to explore a different and creative approach and celebrate the enthusiasm everyone brought to their jobs. 

Because of a confidentiality agreement,  I can’t show this one publically but if you email me, I can send you a password-protected link. 

Services: On-location video recording • Creative development • Video editing