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Corporate Video Production

 Promotional, Testimonial and Training Videos

Video Production Studio

It’s TRUE. Not many freelance videographers have a studio. Usually you have to pay an expensive video production company for that resource. Although I frequently shoot video on location, I love shooting in my studio too. It is ideal for promotional, testimonial and training videos. And, there’s no extra charge when we shoot videos in studio. Regardless of where we shoot, the goal is always to make each video effective and compelling.

Carelink Training Video

Capsa Healthcare knows time is valuable – especially for healthcare professionals. Training videos improve learning and retention so they made it easy for their customers to use their products. 

Dupler Holiday Video

Kindness, hope, gratitude and joy are just a few gifts that Dupler Office brings. This stop motion holiday video gives us a glimpse into the company’s spirit. 

Video Production Services and Resources

Recording video on location makes a lot of sense for some projects and recording video in the studio is a great too. It just depends on what type of video production services work best for you.

Video Production Services

    • Script writing
    • Storyboarding
    • Multi-camera Video and Audio Recording 
    • Post-production/Video Editing
    • Color Correction
    • Motion Graphics

Video Production Resources

    • 1500 sq ft modifiable studio
    • Multi-camera recording
    • Multiple backgrounds
    • Green screen 
    • LED Lighting 
    • Boom and lav microphones 
    • Studio and field monitors
    • Teleprompter
    • Gimbal
    • Camera sliders and jibs
    • Audio recorders 
Video Production Services and Resources

Map4Health Promotional Video

Produced to promote an innovative service for encouraging a healthy lifestyle. Shot at multiple locations, we followed one man’s journey to making better health choices.

ExhibitPro and Healthy Interactions

The Legion Project Overview Video

The Legion Project helps veterans and first responders heal using Brazilian Jiu Jitsu. I was honored when I was asked to produce this promotional video for them.

TRUE‘s Creative Process for Video Production Services 

Every project is different and in many ways they are the same. We always want to know who the audience is and what motivates them.

Whenever possible, it’s good to conduct research. It can be done in different ways but the intent is to understand  the viewer and what compells them. Once we know that, it’s time to brainstorm. 

With brainstorming, everything is fair game. We collect a wide variety of ideas that will eventually narrowed down. 

Once the best idea of the video is decided, an outline is written. Sometimes the outline evolves into a script that is often read from a teleprompter. The script can be used to create a storyboard to help with the video productions.

All of these tools become guides for the video recording and editing. They help a project run smoothly and as a result save time and money. 

Stages of the Creative Process for Video Production

    • Research
    • Brainstorm
    • Script writing
    • Storyboarding
    • Video Recording 
    • Video Editing
    • Proofing
    • Approve and download
Video Production Creative Process

What if there was more?

TRUE also provides commercial photography services. So when you hire me for video, it might make sense for me to shoot some photos too. Also, there’s no additional rental fee if we shoot in the studio.

Finally, if you want to see more of my video portfolio, let me know. Most of my videos can’t be shared publicly because of confidentiality agreements with my clients. But if you let me know what you’re looking for, I probably have something similar that I can share privately.