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TRUE - What's in a name?

Naming a business can be like naming a child. It's a quick way to tell people who you are. That's why we call ourselves TRUE.

The TRUE logo is also designed to visually represent those traits. The typeface suggests sincerity and integrity (See Font Pyschology:How Typefaces Hack Our Brains). The all capped, clean type face is associated with strength and discipline while the green color suggests health and peacefulness (See Color Emotion Guide).

This philosophy is not only demonstrated in the way we produce videos but also in the way we work with our clients. We communicate quickly and clearly. Clients only pay for the resources and time used - not for inlfated services. We truly appreciate their business and so we are always earning their trust.

It's TRUE. A name and logo quickly tells people about your company, product or service. If you are a marketing and/or communications professional, ask yourself "Does your name and logo make the right impression?"​

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