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Meet Jake Kandel

Jake Kandel has served our country for 20 years in the United States Army and will soon be transitioning into the civilian workforce. 

I got to meet Jake when he heard about our Free Headshot service from the Rose Garden Charities Reboot Program. The Free Headshot service is our way to give back to the professional community. However when it's for a veteran, the experience is a bit more rewarding. I learned that In addition to his 20 years in the Army, Jake also used to teach (another honorable profession). While taking the headshots, we talked about drones, society, discipline and family. When we were done with the shoot, I had an even stronger respect for him as a person. I learned what an impressive person he is - just from a simple headshot.

If you're hiring, check out Jake's qualifications and credentials on LinkedIn

Military veterans entering the workforce should look into the Reboot program. The Reboot program focuses on connecting the dots for veterans looking to transition from the military to a civilian career in the technology field. 

To learn more about getting your free professional headshot visit the TRUE Studios website.

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