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FDSI Capabilities Video - Telling a Story Creatively with Limited Visual Assets

A good friend and client, Jenn Lewis, calls me. "We need a video. We can't show a product but we do have a company sales sheet. What can we do?"

" Hmmm. OK...Can I see the sales sheet?" I looked over the spreadsheet and thought, "What if...?" 

This is a great creative challenge. How do we present the information without product shots in an interesting way? Well after reviewing the sales sheet, we decided to use a puzzle graphic from the sheet as the inspiration for the video. 

FDSI is a logistics company. They move things from one place to another. That may seem simple but there are several pieces that have to come together for it it work right. That's why the puzzle analogy was perfect for this video. We combined a company spokesperson with a puzzle graphic to illustrate the core business and then animated graphics and type to reinforce the messages. 

As a result, we came in under budget and were able to produce a few additional culture videos. All of the pieces came together and fit together perfectly. 

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