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Thank you for visiting our blog. This is our place to share information on video production, marketing and creative communications.
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This Video Was Viewed Over 12,000 Times Within The First 24 Hours

Video shooting in a lab at Wilmington College
That's what happens when a plan comes together. When Wilmington College approached us about creating a recruiting video, we had no idea that it would be seen over 12,000 times. - especially within the first day.

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Getting Creative by Getting in Front of the Camera

Being creative means sometimes you have to get get in character and get in front of the camera.

When we produced a highlight video for Columbus First Bank's workshop, we decided to get creative and get in front of the camera to grab your attention. 

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New TRUE Studios Site - Where Business Video Production is Easy

Just launched the new TRUE Studios site. The theme - We make it easy to produce creative and cost effective business videos. The home page has been updated to feature a video background and the messaging is designed to share the TRUE brand with new clients. 

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What We Learned From Producing Our Company’s About Us Video

Resist the temptation to rush the creative process. That's what we learned while producing our new About TRUE Studios video. During the Research and Discovery stage, we were reminded that people weren't just buying our video production skills but rather our genuineness and sincerity. Had we rushed the process, the final video could have been uninsp...
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Work then Play - Good times in California

Jenn and I at the Santa Monica Pier. We originally took this picture to surprise a mutual friend.

In the blog post FDSI Capabilities Video - Telling a Story Creatively with Limited Visual Assets, I mentioned that my good friend Jenn Lewis, contacted me about producing a video for FDSI.  The rest of the story is that we got to go to Santa Monica, Hollywood and Beverly Hills. Jenn is a seasoned traveller and was kind enough to take us on a tour of the areas. Check out the fun part of our trip. 

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