TRUE Video | Documentary vs Highlight Wedding Videos

Documentary vs. Highlight Wedding Video

When deciding on a wedding video, couples need to make an important decision: to have a documentary or highlight style wedding video! Before that decision can be made, it's important know the difference between the two. 

Documentary, also known as journalistic or traditional, video is all about retelling the day exactly as it happened. It is usually a straightforward, chronological representation of the entire wedding day, including the full ceremony, toasts, and dances. This type of video is perfect for the couple who wants to relive every detail of their wedding from beginning to end. At TRUE, this is best represented with our Basic Package. The final product is a traditionally edited, clean and professional full length video of the wedding day. Couples can check out our Full Gallery of Basic Package Videos to see if it’s the right style for them!

In contrast, highlight videos are usually shorter, artistically edited depictions of the wedding day. Highlight videos are great for the couple who would rather relive the fun and excitement of their day without re-watching the entire length of the various wedding events. We love highlight videos so much, we offer three different lengths!

Simply Solo Package
As our shortest highlight video, the Simply Solo package retells the very best moments of the wedding day in just a 2-3 minute video. This package is perfect for a "movie trailer" feel. It allows the couple to remember only the very best and special moments from their wedding day. See the Gallery of Simply Solo Videos. 

Short and Sweet Package
Our most popular highlight video is our Short and Sweet Package. With three chapters, the Short and Sweet Package shows the full wedding day with a little more depth than the Simply Solo Package. As a 6-8 minute artistic highlight video, the Short and Sweet package is perfect for the couple who wants a quick overview of each part of their wedding day. View our Full Short and Sweet Gallery to see why this is our most popular package!

Signature Package

Finally, for the couple who is looking for a more extravagant wedding video, our Signature Package is our longest highlight video including several chapters to capture the full experience of the day. With this package, couples will be able to relive their wedding day in a beautifully artistic representation that captures every little detail. Visit our Signature Videos Gallery to see for yourself.  

Every wedding is different and each couple deserves a wedding video that is uniquely them. That's why we offer different styles of wedding video to to help couples find the best fit for them!  To read more about all of our wedding video packages, visit our Wedding Video Styles page.