Wedding Video FAQ | Columbus, Ohio


Planning a wedding is no small feat. There are so many frequently asked questions that need answers. Where will we get our cake? What should the dress look like? Who will be on our guest list? Do we really need a wedding video? (yes)

- Why do I need a wedding video? 
Your wedding day is something that takes so much planning and hard work to put together, it's something you're going to want to remember. The cake will be eaten and the flowers will wilt, but a wedding video will last the rest of your life! With a wedding video, you can relive the excitement, listen to the toasts, and watch your vows from the day for years after your wedding. If you're still not sure, WeddingWire has a great forum with real couples who explain Why a Wedding Video is Necessary.

- What's the benefit of two videographers instead of one?
There are a lot of benefits to having two videographers at your wedding! With two videographers, we are able to split up the work to make sure nothing is missed. For example, while everyone is getting ready, our lead videographer will be with the bride and the second videographer will be with the groomsmen. Another great reason for having two videographers is the chance to have two different angles during your ceremony and other events at your reception. Two videographers ensures better coverage and an overall better quality video. 

- What's included in my package?
With all of our packages, you'll receive a link to view your video online as well as tangible copies on DVD. You'll also have a chance to make revisions if needed before we package everything together and send it to you. Finally, we will give you all of the raw footage from your day. Having the raw footage is great to see every little detail that may not have made the final edited video. 

- Why is wedding video so expensive?
Although we spend 8-10 hours with you on your wedding day, most of the expense occurs afterwards at our editing desk. Editing one eight minute artistic highlight video could take anywhere from three to four weeks of work! We take this time to make sure your video is absolutely perfect from the color correcting to the audio and music.

- If we are running behind schedule, will you stay later than originally contracted?
Yes of course! We totally understand that weddings are pretty hectic and it's easy to run behind schedule. We are flexible enough to adapt and make sure to capture every important memory. 

Choosing your wedding videographer is a big part of wedding planning. This list is just a few frequently asked questions we receive from our couples. if you're looking for more questions for your videographer before your hire, The Knot has a great list of Questions to Ask your Videographer.

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