What's in our Camera Bag?

A frequent question I hear from brides to be is what kind of camera we use at weddings. Today, I'm going to take you one step further and let you see all of the gear in our camera bag and why each component is so important for weddings and events.

Sony FS100 Camera

First off, and possibly most importantly, is our camera! We use Sony FS100 cameras for all of our video shoots. These are nice cameras for low light situations as they have great manual settings and sensor abilities. For example, many wedding receptions are in the evening when lighting is pretty dim. With the manual settings on our camera, we can adjust for lighting and color in camera to ensure the best video quality possible.

TRUEVideoWeddingBlogGear10   TRUEVideoWeddingBlogGear10

TRUEVideoWeddingBlogGear10   TRUEVideoWeddingBlogGear10

Directional Microphone
Our directional microphone screws onto the top of our camera and connects into the camera body. This microphone is great for capturing ambient sounds such as conversations during cocktail hour or any special notes read while getting ready for the big day! 

LED Light
This LED light is battery powered and attaches to the very top of the camera. We often use this light to capture wedding decorations as well as open dancing during the reception, when lighting is dim. It's the perfect addition to our cameras so no details are missed.


The loupe is a magnifying tool that is placed over the LED screen on our camera. It's used to aid in focus as well as outdoor scenarios when it's bright outside and difficult to see what is happening on the screen. The loupe comes in handy for any wedding or outdoor event to make sure focus, exposure, and framing are done properly.


Memory Cards
Almost everyone is shooting digital in today's video world. On average, we will cover a wedding for about 8 hours and since we are recording in HD, that requires a lot of storage! With this memory storage, we can shoot for hours on end without filling one card. One 64GB memory card will record for several hours, but it's still a good idea to always have extra just in case.


Wireless Microphones
Wireless mic packs are an essential part of filming weddings or any event with a speaker. For weddings, the wireless mic is attached inconspicuously to the groom's coat, hiding the pack in the inner jacket pocket. Then, the receiver, is attached to one of our camera audio inputs. Our mic is small enough to go unseen, but powerful enough to pick up the bride and groom during their vows. 

TRUEVideoWeddingBlogGear4   TRUEVideoWeddingBlogGear4

Batteries and more batteries
I cannot stress enough the importance of bringing extra batteries! You never know when one could drop from 80% to 0% so it's important to always have extras on hand! We never want to have an unexpected battery crash during a ceremony without an extra in pocket, so we are always prepared!

Our camera is heavy! A monopod is the perfect way to take some of that weight and maintain a steady shot while still being more mobile than a tripod. Incorporating a monopod into my wedding and events shooting was a game changer!